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Taliban co-founder releases audio statement after death rumours

The Taliban fellow benefactor and presently appointee PM of Afghanistan delivered a sound assertion Monday saying he was perfectly healthy after information on his alleged death became famous online via web-based media.

Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was last week named as a number two to Mullah Mohammed Hassan Akhund, accused “counterfeit purposeful publicity” for the passing tales in a sound message posted by the Taliban.

Online media has been in a craze over the theory — especially in India, where bits of hearsay whirled that he had been mortally injured in a shootout between rival Taliban groups at the official royal residence.

“There had been news in the media about my passing,” Baradar said in the clasp.

“In the course of recent evenings I have been away on trips. Any place I am right now, we are on the whole fine, every one of my siblings and companions.

“Media consistently distribute counterfeit promulgation. Hence, reject courageously that load of falsehoods, and I 100% affirm to you there is no issue and we have no issue.”

It was impractical to confirm the message, however it was posted on true Taliban locales — including that of the representative of the political office of the new government.

The Taliban’s preeminent chief, Hibatullah Akhundzada, was additionally supposed to have kicked the bucket for quite a while before the gathering’s representative said he was “available in Kandahar” fourteen days after they took power.

Babble in Pakistan and Afghanistan had proposed he had contracted Covid or been killed in a bombarding.

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